Chances are, you would have already read up about SDRI and to tread across uncharted territories, to challenge boundaries, we cannot do this alone.

We are always open to discussion on how we can create something larger than what we could. Let us turn the could-have-beens into reality.

Work Together With Us

Affiliate Partnership Program

Ever wanted to take your salary into your own hands, while representing the finest in the industry? Here is your chance to lock arms with us and watch your reputation develop alongside with our business.


Looking for psychologists from 3 specialisations:
– Forensic
– Criminology
– Sports Forensic and Criminal

Psychologists will research and co-develop a signature and proprietary psychological approach toward Self Defence.

We are also looking for sports psychologists to study and enhance performance of martial artists at later developmental phases of SDRI. All applicants will be contacted for further submission of resume and face-to-face interview sessions.

You are also highly encouraged to have over 5 years of field or relevant experience.

Training and Curriculum

We are looking for martial arts experts and self defence trainers with the right character and qualities.

We are also looking out for curriculum developer to help craft curriculum that is top of its tier.

Candidate must possess in-depth knowledge on martial arts, learning technologies, methods, sports sciences, practices and nutrition. Preferred to have advanced thinking order skills, computational thinking abilities and apply structure to a bunch of raw information.

Research and Development

Ever thought of developing your true passion in a myriad of research work in combination with martial arts, sports science and breaking boundaries for humanity, this could be your chance.

*Resume, portfolio, research papers and interview will be essential parts of the selection process.

Also, if you like us to help you conduct research on a particular aspect of your interest – relevant to martial arts and self defence, you may drop us a message using the contact form below.


We are looking out for multiple ways to create win-win collaborations through events curation.


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