12 Weeks Basic Mastery Package

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12 Weeks Basic Mastery Package

This is a 12 weeks program that will equip participants with basic knowledge of self defence, combined with an entry-level fitness capable of executing basic techniques which can then be build up to intermediate techniques.


Basic Mastery Package 1 Basic Mastery Package 2

4 weeks Basic Mastery Package (Trial): SGD$ 199.00
12 weeks Basic Mastery Package: SGD$ 499.00

Usual Price: SGD$599.00

Default Program gives you 1 session each week, total of 12 sessions.

First 200 sign ups get 2 sessions each week, total of 24 sessions!

Each session lasts 2 hours.
Starts in May 2019.

You will receive a Basic Mastery Package (BMP) Passport 6 weeks prior to the commencement of the first session.

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