Driven by results, Self Defence Research Institute (SDRI) focuses on realistic and practical self defence techniques that individuals can retain and use effectively right after class. We help people compress years of training and internalise real skills in record time.

Catering to experienced martial artists as well, SDRI strongly emphasises on development and enhancement of martial arts,  breaking new grounds and challenging new boundaries.

Self Defence Research Institute (SDRI) provides the following services:

  • Self Defence Programs (12 weeks Basic Mastery Package and Basic Self Defence Workshop)
  • Lunch Talks on Psychological Disarming Methods during high-tension conflicts
  • Research Work on Self Defence and Efficiency Enhancements
  • Increase Visibility for Martial Arts

SDRI aims to bridge various industries around the globe to form a robust ecosystem that will continue to nurture individual’s unshakeable spirit, empowering them with choices, igniting passion in martial arts and securing safety of their own and their loved ones.


Our mission is to nurture individual’s unshakeable spirit and empowering them with choices by providing authentic education, research and development of self defence.


We are The World’s Leading Authority on Self Defence and Martial Arts, enabling everyone the ability to react in any incoming situation. We believe in embracing diversity and bridging culture.