3 Body Weapons (that you should probably know)

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In our latest UNDERFIRE workshop, we covered more in-depth on utilising various parts of a person’s body as a weapon, as well as manipulating daily object to your advantage when you are confronted. Being aware of these body parts and techniques will affect your mindset towards yourself and environment, and ultimately become the deciding factor in a life and death scenario.

Now, what is a weapon to you? What are some of the first few things that flashes across your mind? Dagger? Pistol?

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary, a weapon is something used to injure, defeat or destroy. It is almost anything that can used to inflict or cause bodily harm or physical damage – depending on the way you use it.

Did you know that you have weapons all over you even if you are unarmed? Martial artists spend years researching and honing their abilities to manipulate their body parts as lethal weapons. Today, we will cover some of the body weapons that you might not be aware of and possible applications of them.


Palm Heel

Located between your wrist to the center of your palm lies a region of reasonable hardness, and it remains as one of the most overlooked body weapons. One of the significant advantage of using the palm heel strike is its delivery speed given that it launches with an open palm. The open palm leaves the forearm much more relaxed than a closed fist.

Hence, with the fast twitch muscles getting activated from a relaxed state, the sudden burst of force delivered through the palm heel strike can be very dangerous coupled with the knowledge of knowing where exactly to strike.

Another advantage of using the palm heel would be its surprise element. In our self defence classes, we would always encourage students to put up their hands in a confrontation, almost as if they are surrendering. At that level, the palms face the aggressor and can react very quickly aggressively or defensively. Most aggressors will not regard the palm heel the same way as they would regard a person’s knuckles. That oblivion could be your advantage when you catch the aggressor by surprise, delivering a palm heel strike to the nose bridge.



What!? Those fragile little extensions from our hands? Yes. If you know exactly how to use them. Having said that, as of writing, this article reaches out to general public and we do not expect everyone to be as well-conditioned as experienced martial artists.

I know you are already thinking of training your fingers by poking them into sand or rice, as commonly depicted in martial arts film. Ouch! Although from a martial artist’s perspective, a well-aimed force directed through a tiny area onto an acupoint could bring down an elephant, let’s admit it – most people can’t do that.

Now, what you can do, however, is direct ALL five fingers into your attacker’s face. With the numbers at play, there will be at least 1 lucky finger that will find its way into the aggressor’s eyes. While that seem like a funny joke, if you were to experience any form of objects – hard or soft, coming near your eyes, you know that it would be one of the most annoying feeling you would have ever felt.

Again, the principle stands – combine what you know about body weapons with what you know about where to strike. There is always a right fit somewhere – gain awareness of the various combinations.



You probably already know this body weapon, but you will be surprised at how paralyzed people can be when they are pinned on the wall by someone, especially if that aggressor is a bigger person. Many untrained individual do not have that level of sensitivity and control of their body as compared to trained martial artists. (I am so tempted to urge everyone to pick up martial arts just to discover and unlock more movements their body is capable of.)

The delivery is heavily based on the fact that your knee joint is sharp and hard, combined with that 4 super muscles in your muscle group known as your quadriceps, the amount of force generated over a very tiny distance could be deadly to any contact points hands-down.

Deliver the knee jab in a sudden and unexpected manner to the aggressor at his groin area, will almost guarantee his clutching paralysis on the ground to stretch beyond just a minute or two.

Pause for a moment to feel it within you – if you were to be attacked, in this manner, at your groin. OUCH.

What you possibly didn’t know, thanks to popular media, is you can also deliver the knee kick into someone’s thighs. Again, Self Defence Research Institute comes from two perspectives, usually the general untrained public and the trained martial artists’ point of view. We understand most untrained individuals cannot raise their knees above their waistlines and cannot expect them to deliver the knee kick to a standing person’s head.


So yes, keeping things real here.


That is all for today, if you discovered more body weapons that could be useful for the average Joe’s defence, fill free to pop in a comment at the bottom or drop us your thoughts on our contacts form – and we will credit you for that. Till then, share this with someone who will find value in our discussions.