3 Vital Areas That Can Save Your Life

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In a self defence scenario, we always assume a few things. First, the assailant is not alone, and that only means you need the situation to end fast before his accomplices add to the complexity of the situation. Second, your assailant is armed. Do not take the situation lightly regardless of your martial arts background. Finally, we train with the assumption that your assailant has a bigger and stronger physique compared to yours. Fighting head-on with brute strength is not an option.

Today we explore the 3 vital areas to hit and knowing these spots can save your life when applied appropriately.



Besides them being the windows to the soul, as some may commonly refer to, most untrained individuals rely on their sight heavily. Temporary visual impairment could give you the additional few seconds to react and run away. Do what you must to distort and affect your assailant’s eyesight.

With that, in most countries, personal defence devices are like pepper sprays are available for the general public and they are intended specifically for this purpose. Pepper sprays not only disrupt the assailant’s visual and at the same time causes massive irritation and pain to the extent that it might deter the assailant from continuing the attack. From a self defence standpoint, that small device achieved multiple objectives in a single click.

However, for countries like Singapore, pepper sprays are illegal and the question is, what can you do about it? How can you achieve similar effects and objectives at one go?

  1. You may use dirt, sand or soil around you and launch them at about 1.5 – 2 arms length away towards the assailant’s face.
  2. You can also use other larger objects such as cloth, jacket or carton boxes.
  3. You can also use flashlight (available on some self defence watches, or on even your smartphone)

At a close range (Less than 1 arm length away), you can rapidly thrust your fingers towards his eyes and for best effects, open up your hands as you will have more fingers available to achieve that effect. Accuracy IS NOT NEEDED. Any finger that briefly pokes into his eyes would cause massive irritation and the inability to see momentarily.

Self Defence Objective achieved: Disruption and Deterrence.


The throat is another soft spot that 90% of the population has very little protection of. Even if your assailant is massive and muscular guy, there is very little chance he trained his throat region to take hits.

A single light jab will disrupt his attack pattern, his psychological state and will cause massive irritation to the trachea – which affects the breathing pathway. The assailant should instantly go into a panic state, clutch his throat and back away, or become very vulnerable to other combination attacks.


You can use arch between your index knuckle and your thumb, also known as the Purlicue. It will look like you are going to choke him or crush his throat, but what you need to do is a rapid strike. Please be very gentle when you are practicing strikes to the front of the throat (especially with your training buddy) because frontal strikes can cause damage to the larynx.

Ippon ken hand

Alternatively, you can use the usual punch with a closed fist or a precision strike with a raised index knuckle – known in Japanese Karate as “Ippon Ken”. Then there’s also other precision strikes such as One-finger jab – known in Japanese Karate as “Ippon Nukite” which… you shouldn’t use unless you are very well trained in your finger strength and very well trained in martial arts.



Now, again – regardless of your martial arts background, there is no shame in hitting the groin when you are in a sticky situation. It is effective, and you know it. The groin region needs very little explanation whether a preemptive strike works or not.

A gentle tap can cause the person to back off quite a bit and perhaps feel very vulnerable in that instance. Of course, if and when you do hit the groin, do it hard enough to buy you time. Ensure that your assailant remains weakened for a long period, then make your escape.

Self Def Free 1

At really close range, you may use open palms to hit, or use the Purlicue (the region between your index knuckle and your thumb), especially when you are skin close to the assailant such as a headlock situation.

At a slightly further distance, arms-length to one kick distance, you can apply a simple front groin kick or even a knee thrust as he attempts to choke you.

In Conclusion

Don’t forget the 4 stages of self defence as mentioned in the previous post, and focus on escaping alive. And when the situation gets sticky, knowing where to strike matters. These 3 vital areas will weaken your assailant greatly regardless of size and experience, and should buy you enough time to make your escape.

Do not re-engage unless absolutely necessary!

*If you find these information useful to safeguard your family and friends, don’t forget to share them around!