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If you are a brand new beginner, we congratulate you on embarking this journey to claim control and ownership of your security and your loved ones’ safety. Let us assure you that this institute exists to impart realistic approaches which are engineered for your safety.

At the same time, beyond the skills, the intangibles that come along with competence in self defence is abundant, such as higher self-esteem and confidence in any situation. Your investment in yourself will also pay out in terms of an unshakeable spirit and an unprecedented level of mental fortitude – applicable both in combat and non-combat scenarios, extending to personal relationships and professional environment.

If you are an experienced martial artist, we welcome you to further research, enhance and develop your arsenal of skills, mentally and physically. Let us work together to bring you to the next level and walk into a brand-new generation of martial arts.

As the society progresses, so must we. So must our arts, so must our techniques and training methodologies. At Self Defence Research Institute, we welcome collaboration and discussion aimed at advancing the very combat arts that have been passed down to us by our predecessors, by previous generations of grandmasters. In honour to that stroke of genius and centuries of blood, sweat and tears, let us transcend – together.

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Here’s How You Choose the Martial Art for Yourself
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… the difference between knowing what to do in this situation and merely relying on your primate intuitions is as impressive a gap between knowledge and ignorance as I have ever come across…

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Want Faster Reflexes?
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  “An automatic and often inborn response to a stimulus that typically involves a nerve impulse passing inward from a receptor to the spinal cord and then passing outward from the spinal cord to an effector (such as a muscle or gland) without reaching … Read More

Martial Arts Could Elevate Your Life, Here’s Why
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